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We research and develop artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms, framework and software to help drive innovation for your business and research projects.

Cutting edge AI software company based in Dublin, Republic of Ireland

We are a team of experts in AI, data science, software engineering and digital health. We specialize in research and development of artificial intelligence (AI)-powered mobile applications and AI consultancy. We have a track record in delivering rapid, innovatory software development projects, specializing in development of machine learning frameworks and mobile application deployments.

Our Services

AI software consultancy & Development

We consult and collaborate with a wide variety of clients. With low-tech enterprises, for instance, we aim to empower clients' existing products with AI. We also support research institutes and academia to conduct pilots and proof of concept studies in AI and transferring machine learning research outcomes to prototypes and use cases.

Sensor & User Interfaces Design

We innovate new sensors and user interfaces through iterative human-centred design approaches. We take care of part research and selection, schematic design and simulation, and validation and verification.

AI powered Mobile & Digital Health software

We use AI to develop and deploy mobile and digital health intervention technologies, promoting healthy lifestyle, ageing and mental wellness. We believe that at the center of wellbeing innovation is human-centred AI. Particularly, we aim to contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) 3 Good health and well-being, supporting “ensuring healthy lives and promoting well-being at all ages”

Our AI Specialist Areas

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Machine Learning & Deep Learning

Image Recognition & Generation

Biosensing & biometrics

human-centred AI & user interface

Languages, APIs and frameworks we use

What Makes Us Different?

Founded by AI experts

Including entrepreneurs and computer science academics with over 15-year track records each

Client & User satisfaction

Our high-quality software development and consultancy satisfies our clients and users spanning from end users, low-tech and high-tech enterprises, to research institutes and universities

experienced in & Delivered

A wide range of commercial, industrial R&D as well as research projects which fundamentally build on, or exploit, AI algorithms and frameworks

What Our Clients and Users Say

The delivered mobile app is what we have exactly been looking for our project. Thanks a million to the team!"
Collective Heartbeat
"Honestly really like the drawing portion of it I didn't draw anything this time but more so messed with just the drawing features and how the overall drawing experience was and genuinely made me think about my overall day and if a good memory happened which felt unique to me."
Mindfulness Coloring app user (Yrey***)
It is very easy to use and it is some what different than other apps. It is also taking care of our mind and give relaxation to mind and reduces stress. It is really amazing app for health.

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