We consult and collaborate with a wide variety of clients. With low-tech enterprises, for instance, we aim to empower clients’ existing products with AI. We also support research institutes and academia to conduct pilots and proof of concept studies in AI and transferring machine learning research outcomes to prototypes and use cases.

Natural Language Processing and Deep Learning for Intelligent Marketing

In this current digital marketing space, it’s extremely important to understand Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) mechanisms properly. However, this needs countless trials and errors to get it right given different rules of search engines and e-commerces such as Google, Amazon and Etsy. Here, we turn to natural language processing and deep learning to make the process easier. Particularly, we’ve been developing and deploying technologies that can improve “search rankings” of our clients’ contents and products on search engines and e-commerce platforms. For example, our Secret·Title analyzes Amazon sellers’ description of a product and extracts key patterns which are more likely to be prioritised on the search list, rewriting its product title and description!

Image Recognition and Segmentation

Machine learning segmentation is a task that automatically divides an image into segments which are a set of pixels under masks. It has been increasingly used in a variety of applications, spanning from pedestrian detection (in advanced driver assistance systems; ADAS), quality/defect assessment in factories to earth observation with satellite multispectral images. We are experienced in implementing and deploying supervised, semi-supervised and unsupervised segmentation frameworks. Particularly, semi-supervised pipelines are interesting and powerful in handling partially labelled datasets which is a common issue in many industrial applications and contexts.

Artificial Image Generation

Powered by recent advances in generative adversarial networks (GANs; which guide two different artificial neural networks to compete each other in a zero-sum game), our core engine for artificial image generator tools creates sketches from a single-shot image, or converts sketches or scribbling into realistic scene images. Such generated images (artificial data) can be of use for social media and marketing multimedia, or for further improving machine learning capabilities in a situation where there are little data. To explore some examples of the created images, download our app Health Journal Coloring where you can access a wide range of sketch materials (of course, artificially generated ones).

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