We use AI to develop and deploy mobile and digital health intervention technologies, promoting healthy lifestyle, ageing and mental wellness. 

RRTAI Health


We specialize in developing and delivering artificial intelligence (AI)-powered mobile health applications, digital intervention and biosensing technologies (e.g., PPG: photo-plethysmograpy, GSR: galvanic skin response, EEG: electroencephalography). One of our key commercialised mobile software applications is RRTAI Health, a cutting-edge smartphone camera-based PPG for health parameters and stress monitoring.

With our machine learning-based biosensing algorithms, RRTAI Health uses a smartphone camera (rear) to measure blood volume pulse from a person’s finger and to provide personalised health informatics (e.g., reading heart rate variability data and distress levels). This also includes API services for research institutes to use raw blood volume pulse patterns for their research purposes.

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Digital Health Journaling

Self-care digital journaling is an effective method for enhancing our understanding of our body and health. Throughout a series of user-centred design studies, we have been able to identify key secret ingredients for making health journal the best. With carefully cherrypicked key design features, our application* is to help self-reflect, regulate and relax our body and mind. 

– “Draw your day, Feel better”: Learn ways to manage your feeling, recognise unnecessary fear and throw it away. We can do this with diary painting.

– Insight into my days & routine planner: mood and fitness tracker for identifying negative thoughts and pursuing wellness living and self improvement.

– My personal diary journal with mood tracker and mood meter: Self-track mood, emotion, health, heathy eating, nutrition and any symptoms day-to-day easily!

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* The application is designed for health professionals and intervention researchers to conduct self-tracking and diary studies (logs can be downloaded).


Coloring Meditation & Cognitive Training

Coloring as an art therapy is an effective cognitive and mindful training method. Throughout our R&D, we have developed our digital coloring sketchbook mobile software, which is best designed to unwind and relax adult users. With nature sounds being played in the background, this software helps improve cognition, anxiety symptoms and quality of sleep through use of its artistic coloring and scribbling activities before a good night sleep. 

For our commercialization, we have integrated this into our digital health journal application which can maximize their mental health benefits. Thoroughly evaluated by experts.

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